I’m just going to come right out and say it.


You’re being selfish.


You are a brilliant, transformational leader, making great money, serving your tribe, hosting your own live events …

and if you are doing it on your own you’re being selfish.

It is selfish to DIY it  – because you Think that it will save you money.

It is selfish to not have a team that supports you so you can focus on supporting your participants.

It is selfish to have a split focus at your events trying to manage all the pieces yourself.

Logistics are NOT your genius zone. Transforming your audience is!


I can’t tell you how many times I hear Event Hosts say

“Oh when I get 100 people in my event, I will hire you.”     

That breaks my heart!


It is exhausting and a waste of your valuable time to have to figure it all out!

And it doesn’t have to cost thousands and thousands of dollars to have the right support. (This is why I created the Train Your Team program).


The alternative and smart way to host your live events is to have support.

Support of a trained team so you can focus on the things that ACTUALLY make you money!



Do I have your attention yet???



Connecting with the audience, delivering your message, solving your participants deepest pain, that is where the gold is.


THAT is where you need to be spending your energy. NOT splitting your brain power into when are we supposed to take a break, forgetting you have a handout for this content piece or checking people into your event at Registration.



Your participants DESERVE all of your focus on THEM!


This rant got me thinking after I heard from one of my VIP clients the other day…


“Before I met you, I underestimated how much it takes to create a successful event. Don’t get me wrong, I’m brilliant at putting an event together, like most competent people out there. But with your  system, I’m more successful in the enrollment part.” – Mai Vu


Mai realized that when you have a trained team that supports you, you can focus on the promise of the event and make more money!!!!.

Let’s talk about what DIYing your events is costing you.

Let’s say you are hosting an event with 25 people in the room. You have a $6000 offer you are making at the event. However, since you decided to save money you have asked your best friend to be at Registration, your husband to be the photographer and you decide to handle the rest.


At the end of the day, you sell 5 packages because your best friend and husband have no idea how to support a room. In fact, your best friend had to leave halfway through the event to take care of her kids at school and your husband was so uncomfortable with photographing the women attendees that he left the room and decided to photograph the birds outside!


There were at least 5 other attendees who needed you to take a stand for them but because you were handling everything else with the event you couldn’t reach them.


That means you lost $30,000 AND the women who needed you the most!          

(This, by the way, actually happened to a friend of mine!!!)


It’s time you take a stand for those women. It’s time for you to create the impact you are designed for. It’s time for you to have a team in place that knows exactly what to do, when to do it and how to support you in making the biggest difference to your participants.


I’m super committed to YOU not letting them down.

I invite you to consider taking that stand for your tribe.


Imagine what it will do for your business.


And then schedule a complimentary “Train Your Team” call with me to explore how having the right team, who knows exactly what to do, can make your events even more profitable, transformational and fun.