Some of you may know that my honey is an Englishman.

What that means is that in our home we watch “football”.

Which is TOTALLY different than American Football.   

According to the rest of the world, “Football” means Soccer.


The largest stage showcasing Soccer is the World Cup.  (BTW – Did you know that the World Cup is the most watched sporting event in the world?)


We’ve had the privilege to experience being in the stadium during a match of a regular game but the closest we got to a World Cup match is being in Europe, sitting in a pub, packed to the gills with people.


There was such an Energy and vibe!


A true community was formed for our team vs the other, with people we had never seen before!

Chanting and encouragements, singing and clapping.   A common goal, we were all in it together!


As I looked around the pub, it hit me!   



Just like the Events my “Done for You” clients host.  Just like the events I’m training my “Train the Team” clients to run.


The reason Events will never Die is because the feelings and experience you get and create by being in community with your tribe are worth so much more than if you were just sitting at home.     It’s an EXPERIENCE!


It’s electric.

It feeds a part of your mind, body, and soul to be in community. 




AND, that community feeling makes it easier to sell people, in mass, into your programs.


In short, events will never die because they WORK!

Have you been thinking about hosting your own live event? Want to train your team to support your event 1000%?


I invite you to join me for a “Am I Event Ready?” session to get you started on your own “World Cup” journey.


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When was the last time you Experienced an Event that shifted your thoughts, created an impression or Transformation within you?