I was reading about Management in the “#AskGaryVee” book the other day and there was a piece that really sang to me.

“…My employee’s happiness is paramount, to the degree that I tell my clients up front that I care about my employees first, their customers second, and them last. Interestingly, I’ve never lost business because of it…”

Gary sees his team as assets to his business versus a liability.


He invests in them and in return it produces not only an internal community of Trust, Support, and Appreciation but also Partnership.

As a by-product, he has grown VanyerMedia from 30 employees to a team of over 500 in less than four years!


Gary has proven that there is an ROI on investing in your team.


I invite you to consider:

How are you investing in your team?

Are you asking questions?

Asking for their input on how their role can be better?

What ideas do they have for their role?


What type of skills could they add that would cut their time working in half!?


These are the things you MUST look at, especially when it comes to supporting you in your Live Event.


Your Live Event is where you make your biggest income for the year. Investing in your team has huge ROI’s associated with it.


A team that is focused on “figuring it out on their own”,  is COSTING you money.


They miss cues, duck out at the wrong time and leave you looking less than professional, which undermines your credibility and lowers your sales in the room.

I know you invest in yourself.   But now, for you to grow your business, it’s time to invest in your team.


By training your team, you’ll cut their learning curve in half, save you time and money as well as increase the Return on that Investment.

Invest in your people and your business will grow.


I invite you to Schedule a complimentary “Train Your Team” call with me TODAY.   Let’s start increasing your ROI together.