It’s the last quarter of the year…

Holiday Season is upon us and the Supermarkets and Retail stores will NOT let us forget about it!


It’s September and I’m seeing things for Christmas already!


A dear friend of mine, Cyndi Padilla, who used to work in corporate said:

It was standard practice to use the month of September to focus all of their efforts on the Christmas season.

You see, EVERYTHING in retail is based on making the most out of each season or

90-day sprint in order to reap incredible results by the close of each quarter.”

That got me thinking about Events and our 90-day sprints prior to an Event.


3 -months of preparation, training, outreach, meetings, pulling your hair out, and juggling it all, can take its toll on you.

Especially if you feel that you have the right team in place and just are not sure why it isn’t working.

Frankly, you may be asking yourself:


“Why am I having to work even HARDER. Isn’t having a team supposed to Help?




And I bet when you hired your team it was to support you in a specific role such as Customer Service, Sales, Copywriting, and Social Media Buzz.


I will also venture to say that your team LOVES working with you.

They are part-time support with you and are so anxious to help you grow the business that they are willing to do whatever-it-takes to help you with your dream and mission.


That is exactly what my client, Amy Yamada’s team is like.


They are one of the best teams I have seen in terms of wanting to be of service to Amy, support her and her tribe.


In fact, as we plan her event they continually ask:

“What else can I do? How else can I help?”


This tells me you have the RIGHT People, but they are just NOT TRAINED in Event Production.


The great thing is, that’s an easy fix. We can teach them the systems, what to look for, how to set things up, how to hold the room for transformation to occur, support you and so much more.


You’ve done the work to create the RIGHT Team of people, now let’s just get their skills to where they need to be so you can TRUST you will be Supported and flow into your event with Grace and Ease.

If hosting an event in 2019 is a part of your business strategy, you have to Train Your Team  NOW!


I have room to take 3 teams through this month, let’s talk.


Schedule a complimentary “Train Your Team” call with me to explore how having the right team, who knows exactly what to do, can make your events even more Profitable, Transformational and FUN!