Events aren’t just for attending. They exist to fulfill a desire to leave different from when we walked in: to be smarter, wiser, happier, more engaged, more excited, more thoughtful, more in touch with yourself, with your community, with the world. They offer the possibility to have transformational moments and be part of something bigger than ourselves.”, Eventbrite’s Co-founder and CEO Julia Hartz.

One of my business mentors shared that we need to remember to build our business on and off-line.  We use the online space to increase our voice and reach, and offline to build connection and transformation. 

I see this repeated again and again, with all of my private clients.  It usually comes from my clients wanting to build a deeper connection with their community and an invitation to do so.  But one client stands out – her tribe was demanding a live event!  She has a successful business, shared the opportunity, created the online course, created the Facebook Community, consistently giving value, showing up with Facebook Lives.  All the things that we have been told to do to support your community.  And it wasn’t enough!  Her community wanted, craved and demanded more!  

So, she created a two-day live event – and sold out in 4 hours! She actually had to turn people away!  Could you image how your confidence and business would transform, if your community was so excited to spend just two-days with you in person, that they committed to attending in just four hours?  It was magical!

Now my client could focus her attention on creating and delivering a truly transformation experience for her people.  She was able to shower them with products that she personally uses and adores.  Her peers and mentors came to the event to speak to her people because she was so deeply connected in her own larger community.  Due to the relationships she formed with her peers and Mentors, they in return provided huge knowledge bombs to her people!

As she was building this deeper connection, her people kept stepping into the next step with her.  Upgrading to the VIP experience, purchasing branded swag, reserving their seat at the next event, and finally nearly 1/3 of the room stepped up into her Exclusive Coaching program!  And that resulted in an additional $889,000 to her business.

We hear it all the time, sell them what they want, and give them what they need.  But the secret to the power of deep connection, is that when you are deeply connected, you don’t have to sell them what they want, because they are already asking for what they need, and you are the person they are looking towards.