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Why Being An Event Planner

May Be Perfect For You . . .

You LOVE to serve!

You are creative and organized,

You can see problems before they happen,

You love live events and know the power of connection and  transformation!

And you want to travel and have a freedom based lifestyle!

I know you, because I was just like you. 

Through the journey of becoming a Certified Event Producer™ I’ve built a lifestyle that allows me to set my own schedule, see the world,

be part of events that transform lives, moves people to achieve more, serve more, and connect more.

I’ve discovered my zone of genius, and I can help you do the same.

I am on a mission to support the transformation of 500K people by 2025

by producing events for world-changing, power-house coaches, trainers and healers. But I can’t do it alone.

I need YOU!

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Imagine Having Your Own Event Production Business!

Imagine full creative self-expression.

Full control of your life and career.

Full partnership with the coolest people!

Imagine… you run events that people love!

Your clients rave about you. People have deep, profound experiences at the events you organize.

The leaders adore and appreciate you because you made their life so much easier, which allows them to make an even greater impact. You’ve indirectly impacted all those people sitting in the chairs at those events because you helped make it all happen.

Imagine when the event leaders bring you on stage to thank you for the amazing job you did in helping make the event so powerful and impactful in everyone’s lives. The audience stands and applauds you.

You are the behind-the-scenes magician that the leaders rely on.

In your own life, you get to control your hours and how much you want to work. You are free to design your life the way you want.

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The Ultimate Event Planner 

 Certification Program!

Get the industry’s most complete training to become a successful and profitable event planner.

Nowhere else can you get the exact, proven system of a 6-figure event planner AND get hands-on training by shadowing Shay during real events.

  • Shay’s 253 page operations manual that gives her a 6-Figure event planning business.

  • Step-by-step video training on exactly how to start and grow your own event planning business.

    (You’ll be able to bring on your own high 5-figure clients within months of completing the program)

  • Shay’s 23 templates, scripts and documents for you to use and swipe. This includes: Client contracts, sales conversation scripts, client checklists, run of show, inventory & supplies, venue selection, team schedules and much more! (These templates are priceless because you would have to spend years developing them on your own and have to hire expensive attorneys to create them for you.)

  • Over 200 hours of personal mentoring with Shay. You get to shadow her during her events and learn ALL the insider secrets that makes her one of the most sought after event planners in the industry.
  • As a BONUS – Shay is gifting you 90 days of email access to her after you complete the the course!

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*This course focuses on Sales & Enrollment Events*

This allows you to bring all your amazing skills into one grounded focus – you get to be creative, collaborative, leading – all in the service of a higher calling/purpose, while you make excellent money

You are a multifaceted, multi-talented person, that wants to use all of their talents in one direction.  This gives you a place to start, and a path to follow to build the lifestyle you desire.

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“Shay is the best Event Producer in the Industry! She thinks of every detail and handles all the logistics… which allows us to be fully present with our audience and rock our event.

Before hiring Shay to be our Event Producer, we worked with other event coordinators and they always seemed to drop the ball in key areas: enrollment manager, managing volunteers, registration and everything in between.


Since hiring Shay we’ve been able to release all the event planning and logistics. Now we have more PEACE OF MIND, knowing things won’t fall through the cracks. We can trust all the details get handled with ease and grace… which allowed us to generate $1.1M in sales in 18 months. Thank you Shay, you’re a Rock Star!”

“Shay Wheat was FANTASTIC to work with. She was clear and concise in her communication as well as very knowledgeable in the running of my event.

My staff and I knew that if we had a question, Shay was the one to have the answer, and more often than not, it was already taken care of. That was such a relief to us.

We were very fortunate to have Shay’s leadership from the pre-planning logistic, venue negotiation and checklists to running the event day and the event wrap up. Everything was so smooth and easy, we kept asking ourselves “Really? Can it be this easy?”

Even if you are starting out and have the opportunity to work with her through her ” Powerful Event Process” or are ready to go BIG and have her run your event… She is WORTH it!!! I am so grateful that Shay took us on as her client and I look forward to a continued relationship with her in the future.”

MAI VU, Hot Life Hot Love 2-day International Live Event

Jaiya is an internationally recognized, award-winning sexologist, author and You may have seen Jaiya on Ricki Lake, The Doctors, Good Morning America, Nightline, The Anderson Show, The Tyra Banks Show, TLC, CNN or Playboy TV. She’s even shared the stage with self-help guru Tony Robbins. Jaiya is a unique mix of Dr. Ruth, Lady Gaga and a Yogi; through her dynamic teachings she’s helping women and men reach their full erotic potential.


Shay has been amazing to work with in so many ways. We hired her to help manage and plan our first big event, with over 200 attendees. She’s a master at what she does and I don’t think we could have done it without her. Our team loved working with her too, and it’s always great to work with people you like.

We’re already planning our event for next year and with Shay’s help we expect it to be even more incredible (and profitable)!

Jose Turner, Founder and CEO, LinkedSelling

Shay helped my company plan our first-time event called Ascend in early 2016, in which we hosted about 250 people for 4 days in San Diego. She was absolutely amazing! Shay was so patient with us first-timers and helped keep us on track with her super organized process. I left every one of my weekly meetings with her feeling like I had a clear set of priorities and goals for what I should be focusing on next. That is a blessing considering what a whirlwind event planning can be.

I was most impressed with the way Shay rolled with the punches so to speak. We had a lot of cooks in the kitchen, and being our first time, our estimates and needs were constantly changing. Shay handled it all like a pro and adapted to whatever we threw at her.

At the event, our attendees were gushing about how ‘flawless’ and ‘effortless’ the event was. That would NOT have been possible without Shay. She has the knowledge and experience to make your event look seamless, and she’s a pleasure to work with! I can’t imagine planning another event without her.

Margaret Torres, Building brand awareness by connecting great content with social media

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